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The technologies we are building use shared interest as a foundation for establishing individual connections.

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Bongotown is a spatial social environment. It is designed from the perspective of the user being physically inside the online experience.

Inspired by graphical chat rooms and projects like The Palace, Bongotown is a digital environment that gives old friends and new friends a place to connect, communicate, and most importantly, have fun. We aim to provide the tools and environment to let users be their true selves, not a mirror image of what they think others want them to be.

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Sidekicks! is a tool to help relieve anxiety by  in sharing what you love. 

Sidekicks was originally developed to support communication between people on the autism spectrum who could share their affinities by viewing videos, side by side with a parent or therapist.

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We are a group of artists and engineers.

Andrew Tian
John Nguyen
Tejas Manohar
Sam Shorr
Joe Berns
Benjamin Davis
Erin Cofrancesco
Magdi Hazaa
Tripp Kaelin
Calder Pegden

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