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Bongotown is a spatial social environment. It is designed from the perspective of the user being physically inside the online experience. Inspired by graphical chat rooms and projects like The Palace, Bongotown is a digital environment that gives friends and new friends a place to connect, communicate, and most importantly, have fun.  We aim to provide the tools and environment to let users be them true selves, not a mirror image of what they think others want them to be.

Users will be transported to a different time and space. The world will have recognizable elements – there will be natural environmental elements like water, jungle, mountains, and sand – but it will be foreign in its dimensionality. It is neither 2d or 3d.

There will be evidence of a past existence – relics of a different time. 🗿 Moai-esque statues
will be used as storytellers for our world. Find a statue and as you approach hear the reverberating words of the activists, philosophers, and teachers of the past. These relics will give the world the ever important element of history.

Like the real world, time, space, and sound are all dynamic in Bongotown. As one moves closer to populated areas, the sounds of those spaces become more vivid (imagine being around the corner from a club). As one explores quieter, more natural landscapes, meditative and asmr-esque experiences begin to fill the headphones. Our soundtrack will be dynamic and changing depending on where you are. Scale and space will change as well. If you’re in the middle of the desert or on top of a mountain, the world will feel large and vast. When you’re in a deep social space communicating with lots of friends, the world will feel small and contained. Time in this world is still to be determined, but there will certainly be a day and night. Light will play a huge role and how one feels within the environment.

“A single person's identity embodies multiplicity. You possess many sectors within your personality and play numerous roles in your life - such as child, parent, student, employee, neighbor, friend. Cyberspace offers a niche for each of these specific facets of selfhood. Some people even talk about how we can "deconstruct" ourselves online. We don't have to present ourselves in toto - how we look, talk, move, our history, thoughts, feelings, and personality, all in one big package. In different environments, we can divvy up and present our characteristics in packets of various sizes and content.”
- John Suler Psychology of Cyberspace.

Representation of self within Bongotown will be more about how you feel about yourself. Deep down, how do you want to express yourself. Cyberspace gives us the opportunity to have a truly allusive representation of ourselves. Emoticons, wigs, color, and other funky graphical additions will allow users to create an avatar that represents how they feel, rather than who they aspire to be.

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